What Coaching’s NOT!

Coaching ISN’T Therapy.

Life coaching is a form of counseling that does not focus on emotions and processing them, but on creating plans of action and creating attainable goals. The assistance of a professional life coach, who has experience and knowledge, can help you learn and master important tools in strategies for planning and organization.

Coaching ISN’T about fixing “broken” people. In fact, most people who hire coaches are already very successful. Yet in their success, they realize they can be even more successful, if they just make a few adjustments in their lives, and focus on specific goals. A coach helps you to do exactly that.

Coaching ISN’T just pleasant chit-chat. The goal of coaching is to facilitate deep learning and lasting change. So the coaching conversation needs to be relevant and focused on creating change — and reaching goals.

Coaching ISN’T something everyone is good at. Sure, anyone can try to coach. But not everyone can coach well because it requires a mastery of advanced communication and relating skills, coupled with experience, knowledge and a special commitment to helping others flourish.

Coaching ISN’T about giving you the answers. It’s really about helping you figure out your own answers

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